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Q. What are you and where are you based?

A. We are a Leading Trading and Export Compamy.
We located at:  Rachawithi soi 3, Bangkok Thailand 10400  

Tel - 66-852282780

E mail – Web site -


Q. Are there any discount offered if I purchase big quantities?

A. Yes. We do offer discount for larger orders, the larger the order the greater the discount percentage, kindly Contact us in order to discuss your Discount.


Q. Do you accept custom made jewelry designs?

A. Yes. We would consider making your own jewelry designs, The minimum order per design starts from 50 Pcs/Pairs/Size, Please contact us with full details to obtain more information.


Q. Is all your Silver jewelry 925 Sterling Silver? 

A. Yes. All of our Silver Jewelry items are made from a minimum of 92.5% pure Silver alloyed with other metals to make the desired 925 Sterling Silver, All our items are genuine 925 sterling silver.


Q. What is E-coating?

A. E-coating, also known as electro-coating or electro deposition is a method that uses electrical current to coat the metal surface with an organic lacquer, covering every nook and cranny on the jewelry with an even and consistent protective coat. This coating protects the sterling silver from tarnishing for an extended period. E-coated jewelry has a warmer tone than rhodium plated silver and lets the natural beauty of the sterling silver come through.


Q. What is your minimum order required?

A. Minimum Order is 30 pieces per Style/Size/Color and the minimum amount for the total order is US$1,000. Our production lead time is about 4 - 5 weeks from receipt of the deposit payment.


Q. Which company do you use for shipping?

A. We use FedEx, UPS, DHL or EMS as they offer the best security, delivery and value for money.



Q. What is Electroforming?

A. Electroforming is a highly specialized process of metal part fabrication using electrode position in a plating bath over a base form called a mandrel, model or pattern, which is subsequently removed.

Technically, it is a process of synthesizing a metal object by controlling the electrode position of metal passing through an electrolytic solution onto a metal or metalized form, More simply, a metal skin is built up on a metal surface, or any other surface that has been rendered electro conductive through the application of a paint that contains metal particles, Essentially, a metal part is fabricated from the plating itself.


Q. Why use Electroforming?

A. Compared to other basic metal forming processes as - casting, forging, stamping, deep drawing, machining and fabricating, electroforming is very effective when requirements call for extreme tolerances, complexity or light weight.

The precision and resolution inherent in the photographically produced conductive patterned substrate, allows finer geometries to be produced to tighter tolerances while maintaining superior edge definition with a near optical finish. Electroformed metal is extremely pure, with superior properties over wrought metal due to its refined crystal structure.


Q. What is the Advantage of Buying Electroforming Items?

A. The advantages of electroforming are endless; Jewelry can be made in Gold, Silver or other Metals.

The electroforming process makes it possible to create thin, hollow items in complex, three-dimensional shapes.

A variety of designs can be produced, including large modern shapes with low weight and uniform wall thickness.


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